aeproject env

Start your local development node along with a compiler

aeproject env

The command is responsible for setting up a healthy local network. The env command help developers run their local nodes, as well as local compiler on docker. The local network contains 1 node. To spawn a fully functional network takes couple of minutes. At the end of this command you will be presented with accounts that you can use in your unit tests.

If you are running on Windows environment and it is before Windows 10

  • You need to start manually your Docker Quickstart Terminal.

  • Optional parameter --windows allows you run AE node and compiler with predefined configuration. It uses docker-compose cli commands and it starts with the default docker machine with IP ""

aeproject env --windows
  • if docker default machine IP is running on different IP, you can set it by --docker-ip optional parameter. Default IP is ""


    aeproject env --windows --docker-ip

Together with AE node env command run a local compiler that response at http://localhost:3080 If you want to run only AE node, you should type

aeproject node

You can stop both the node and the compiler by running aeproject env --stop

aeproject env --stop

There are optional parameters --nodeVersion and --compilerVersion. To specify a specific version of node or compiler, or both, you should type

aeproject env --nodeVersion v5.3.0
aeproject env --compilerVersion v4.0.0
aeproject env --nodeVersion v5.3.0 --compilerVersion v4.0.0

also applies to aeproject node and aeproject compiler

To see whether you have running instances of the nodes along with a compiler you could run the following command

aeproject env --info

Attention: there will be an error if you are trying to run the command while only one of the compiler or nodes are running. Then you should type the appropriate info command respectively.

aeproject node --info
aeproject compiler --info


  • Please note that in rare occurrences you may experience some delay, or even timeout exception while trying to run the node. This usually happens due to new version of the docker images which the docker is trying to pull, or possibly could happen after updating the aeproject version with new node/compiler version. The files may be large or connection inconsistency may occur. Please try to run docker pull or simply retry to run aeproject node again.

  • Firewalls and any other security feature can block your docker/docker-compose requests. Please check that docker/docker-compose is NOT in its blocked list or has permission to make requests.