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AEproject is an aeternity framework which helps with setting up a project. The framework makes the development of smart contracts in the aeternity network pretty easy. It provides commands for compilation, deployment of smart contracts, running a local node, local compiler and unit testing the contracts.

AEproject consists of 5 separated packages. There are two main packages.

  • aeproject-cli - This package is responsible for reading aeproject commands from the command line

  • aeproject-lib - installing this package will give you access to the Deployer, which gives you the ability to deploy compiled contracts.

  • aeproject-logger - Using this package will give you the ability to print your historical deployments on the console.

  • aeproject-config - This package is used as helper where all the necessary configuration files are included.

  • aeproject-utils - Similarly to config this package helps with functions like ReadFile & keyToHex, etc.


npm i -g aeproject