aeproject compile

Compile sophia contracts

aeproject compile

The compile command compiles Sophia contract. It's recommended to use .aes file extension. Default directory is $projectDir/contracts. The result of the compilation is the contract bytecode printed in the console. Additional --path parameter is available, which can specify the path to the contract to be compiled.

You can specify compiler using the --compiler parameter.

  • "--compiler http://localhost:3080" // AE compiler


    aeproject compile --compiler http://localhost:3080

The compiler allows you to include other .aes files to your contract by using the reserved word include and specifying the path to the file. You can add contracts, as well as namespaces. PS: Also compiler support some default sophia's libraries. More info how to use these libraries 'List.aes', 'Option.aes', 'Func.aes', 'Pair.aes' and 'Triple.aes' can be found here:


Let's say we want to include some helper functions from contracts math-sum.aes & math-sub to our math.aes contract


contract MathSum =
entrypoint sum (x: int, y: int) : int =
x + y


contract MathSub =
entrypoint sub (x: int, y: int) : int =
x - y


include "./math-sum.aes"
include "./math-sub.aes"
include "List.aes"
contract Math =
entrypoint sum(a : int, b: int) : int =
MathSum.sum(a, b)
entrypoint sub(x : int, y : int) : int =
MathSub.sub(x, y)
entrypoint is_empty() =