Migration from ForgAE to AEproject

There are no breaking changes introduced in this change, however please take a look at what you should be aware of while migrating your project.

  • First uninstall your deprecated already forgae

    npm uninstall -g forgae
  • You need to install aeporject

npm install -g aeproject
  • Then you need to go to your project root directory and run:

aeproject init --update

This will install all your obligatory dependencies in order to run your aeproject commands smoothly. In the process there will be prompt messages, which will require your explicit consent in order to replace some files in the current directory. The command will overwrite the following files for you, so you will be up to date with the latest configurations of the node and compiler:

  • docker-compose.yml

  • docker-compose.compiler.yml

  • docker directory

  • The last thing you should be aware of is the deploy.js file. (Initially located in /deployment directory)

    The change you should apply to the file is as follows


const Deployer = require('forgae-lib').Deployer;


const Deployer = require('aeproject-lib').Deployer;

We chose to deliberately not overwrite this file as this could bring much more troubles, than convenience