Quick Start


In order to have aeproject working you must have installed the following:

nodejs 9.5.0 (if you are willing to use the *fire-editor* aepp locally with *aeproject* you would need to use version not lower to 10.9.0. For more information check [aeproject fire-editor](developer-documentation/aeproject-cli/fire-editor.md))

Note: For older versions on widnows you can use docker-toolbox. This will install docker-compose as part of the toolkit. Please bear in mind that the your docker-compose version must be at least @1.20.0


npm install -g aeproject

Init a project

aeproject init

This will create deployment directory with deploy.js file inside. You can use this file to write your deployment procedure.

Running local node

In a project folder:

aeproject node

To stop already spawned local node use aeproject node --stop

Access deployed smart contract functions

You can execute function of smart contract from deployed instance


contract ExampleContract =
public function say_hello(name : string) : string =
String.concat("Hello, ", name)
public function donate() : int =
let deployer = new Deployer('local', privateKey);
deployedContract = await deployer.deploy( contractPath, []); // empty array for init params
let result = await deployedContract.say_hello('World'); // result would be: "Hello, World"

or you can execute/call functions from another private/secret key

const fromInstance = await deployedContract.from(anotherSecretKey);
let result = await fromInstance.say_hello('Friend'); // result would be: "Hello, Friend"

or you just want to donate some aettos

await deployedContract.donate({ value: 991 });


Run the following in order to execute the deployment file created from the aeproject init command:

aeproject deploy

History of your deploys

In order to see a list of what you've deployed you can run the following command:

aeproject history